6. Strawberry Shortcake

Growing up as a child of the 1980s, I had a Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag.  When I have seen the character on merchandise in stores in recent years, I would sigh nostalgically.  That was until I realized I had no idea why I owned a Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag.  I don’t have any memories of the TV specials featuring her.  It’s not like I begged my parents for it.  Maybe it was a gift?  Anyway, it was pink and soft and I guess that was all I needed for me to love it for more than a quarter of a century.

I kind of felt the same way of the Baskin Robbin’s flavor.  It sounds like it would be a wonderful treat reminiscent of a dessert shared with Grandma and the first few bites might make you think you are headed down that memory lane.  But then you realize that the shortcake pieces that you first thought provided a tasty texture end up feeling grainy on your tongue and though you are hoping the next bite will add the burst of strawberry it is lacking, you end up admitting you are not berry best friends.

Strawberry Shortcake - Not Berry Best Friends


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5. Baseball Nut

It is a dilemma I hate.   It takes glowing reviews for me to go to a movie, but upon seeing it for myself, I don’t share the excitement over it. Of course when I tag-along to someone else’s pick or stumble upon something on TV, I am much more likely to enjoy it.

Baseball Nut is one of those flavors we stumbled upon on our fifth visit to Baskin Robbins.  With no childhood memories of it or knowledge of how it tastes at Dairy Queen, we found the flavor to be thrilling.  The cashews provided a satisfying salty crunch and the black raspberry swirl added a tart, but sweet taste.  I commented that the raspberry might be a bit syrupy for my liking, my husband cut me off.  “Syrupy?  Yes!  That is what makes it so good!”

P.S.  Yes, this entry is 48 hours late but we went away for the weekend and while the cottage was supposed to have WiFi, the owners really meant at a hotel lobby down the street.  Hope to be caught up in the next 24 hours!

Baseball Nut - Score!

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4. Made with Snickers

There was a little bit of snickering when we ate this flavor today.  My husband called it plain.  I called it subtle.  He said it was too subtle for subtle.  While I did like that the candy pieces weren’t in hard almost inedible chunks like I have experienced in some competing creations, they were almost too divided to experience the combination of peanut, nougat and caramel that makes Snickers satisfying.

Made with Snickers - Too subtle for subtle

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3. Mint Oreo

My husband doesn’t like Mint.  My husband doesn’t like Oreo.  When I asked him to rate tonight’s flavor he responded, “If I liked being punched in the face, then I would love getting a punch in the face.”  So helpful.

Mint combined with chocolate is my favorite ice cream flavor, but this version didn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for since it combined light mint ice cream with reduced fat Oreos.  As far as “healthier” options go, this wasn’t terrible.  In the past year I had a non-dairy mint chocolate version that was so awful  I  would have preferred to eat toothpaste by the tubeful; even though I stopped  it after a few bites, I begged my husband to remove the bowl from the room because just the scent caused me discomfort.  All in all, I don’t regret tonight’s choice, but I won’t seek it out again.

Oreo Mint = One hit wonder

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2. Golden Oreo Gold Rush

An hour on the phone to fix an error with an account. Temperatures 20 degrees below average. Multiple near misses in traffic roundabouts. You would think that the combination of these would have us screaming for ice cream. But just one day in and we lacked a little enthusiasm for that day’s sample. That all changed though when we got a taste of Golden Oreo Gold Rush.

It may not have felt like May outside but it was the kind of ice cream that tastes like spring. Refreshing lemon custard. Creamy Oreo filling. Crunchy cookie pieces. My husband, a professional writer, was so busy trying to eat I asked him to at least sum up his impression in one word: “Cookielicious!”

When it's cold outside, Golden Oreo tastes like the month of May

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Lessons with Leno

So I was never the type of person that was good at seeing the images emerge from these types of posters. But I am a graduate of a Big Ten school, so one would think that I was accustomed to a world of multi-purpose logos.

Call it serendipity, or maybe it was just my reticular activation system, but last night on the Tonight Show, Jay Leno used the Baskin Robbins logo to show how companies use those symbols to send subtle messages (which led to a bit in which he showed logos such as the Starbucks siren with the words “Highway Robbery” written out in the wavy design).  Even when my husband and I had been at Baskin Robbins earlier that day to celebrate his 31st birthday, my eyes just saw the pink aspects of their logo as being a colorful, funky addition.  When I asked the server how many flavors they had and she told me 28, I gulped.  That did not make for a very meaningful celebration.  She told me throughout the month, it was likely some new ones would rotate in and we would be acquainted with 31.  Now, thanks to Leno opening my eyes to the logo, I feel better about our fun way to mark this milestone.

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1. Oreo Cheesecake

I haven’t had ice cream for 7 months. I am not exaggerating.  Not even by a day. Oreo Cheesecake was not the best flavor to start my reunion with ice cream as it made me think I have not been missing much.  I am not speaking as some healthy person who snubs a treat.  I love Oreos!  But the word I would use to describe this flavor is sharp.  Kind of reminds me of today’s weather.  Here it is May – a month us Midwesterners look forward to — and my husband was discussing the wind chill!  Definitely a sharp start to the summer for the tongue and the spirit.

Oreo Cheesecake - The description at the store says the flavor was inspired by an intern tripping and dropping Oreos into the cheesecake ice cream. Yep. That is exactly what it tastes like.


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