5. Baseball Nut

May 23, 2011 at 1:48 am Leave a comment

It is a dilemma I hate.   It takes glowing reviews for me to go to a movie, but upon seeing it for myself, I don’t share the excitement over it. Of course when I tag-along to someone else’s pick or stumble upon something on TV, I am much more likely to enjoy it.

Baseball Nut is one of those flavors we stumbled upon on our fifth visit to Baskin Robbins.  With no childhood memories of it or knowledge of how it tastes at Dairy Queen, we found the flavor to be thrilling.  The cashews provided a satisfying salty crunch and the black raspberry swirl added a tart, but sweet taste.  I commented that the raspberry might be a bit syrupy for my liking, my husband cut me off.  “Syrupy?  Yes!  That is what makes it so good!”

P.S.  Yes, this entry is 48 hours late but we went away for the weekend and while the cottage was supposed to have WiFi, the owners really meant at a hotel lobby down the street.  Hope to be caught up in the next 24 hours!

Baseball Nut - Score!


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