31 for 31 Days

I am the only one of my friends who married a younger man.  This is not as scandalous as it may sound — my husband is 11 months younger than I am.  But when the majority of my friends married partners who are several years older, it does make me feel different.

For quite a few years my husband and I have celebrated the month we are the same age, even dubbing it “The Festival of Equality.” Each year we have a theme for the celebration as well.  One year we devoted to redecorating our bedroom.  Another year we sought out funnel cakes for a month.  And then there was the year that my husband declared the theme to be Transcendentalism.  I don’t think my husband really knew what it meant, so the festivities were slim.

This year, however, I think there will be more motivation to celebrate, as the theme is specific and tasty.  In honor of our month long shared age of 31, we plan to taste the 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins.  Let the celebrating begin!


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